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He didn't kill her son, as we have found out, so why should he be at fault. Mi-Soon then has to beg Man-Ho to push his wedding back so as not to upset their daughters. How can a father hire his ex-son-in-law (Hyun-Ki) to be the manager of his restaurant, knowing that he has talked his daughter into coming to work there? If you are in hyunki's shoes,if you are selfish and a cheater like hyunki.. Even if ji gun is not in the picture, i would still not want hae ryung to return to hyun ki. Giving him an illness is an easy way to turn around his character. How is seri going to be punished for her wrong doing and sin?

I just think that, overall, Hae Ryung is just a scared, confused person who grew comfortable in being unhappy and can't see anything being better than that. Bong Sam-Bong has already vented his anger at him and has also sided with Bong Hae-Ryung after finding out that his ex-son-in-law had cheated on her. In my view way too much attention has been put in redeeming hyun ki to the point that it is a joke. Hope writer is not going to give her an illness .like hyun ki..cry cry and make her look pitiful and forgive her. This writer cannot be telling people to be selfish and you will get away with it. Only reason i am sticking to this drama is because of the 2 main leads. Love way hae won is standing up to her future mother in law.

First weekend drama I have seen where each character is built with great depth and engaging.

A note to the writer - can't you break out of the typical KDrama mold and drop some of the outdated characters and plots you keep pushing at us? Why would Mi-Soon give Se-Ri a list of everything she has to do for Man-Ho, the house, the family, etc. I would never give her any information of what she was doing as a family member. Se-ri has had this in her mind all along, She thinks eventually she will own the restaurant and has been playing her game every step of the way. I think their dream is to be shallow like Se Ri or evil like Madam Jang or selfish and emotionally manipulative like Hyun Ki. But it has entertaining story-line and love the cooking scenes. I like how he always comes over and teases Sam Bong about what is going on at his house.I understand her ex-husband was dying, but I don't understand how she completely 'dissed' the man that rescued her for a man that treated her like dirt.If her ex wasn't dying, he would have been his usual mean self.Best 50 ep family drama after 'My husband got a family' This drama certainly deserves more than 90 rating.Wow someone is really spending a lot of time and effort to manipulate the rating system here. I noticed this sudden drop in rating when i visited on May 16. From my experience, thus drama is getting better and better in each weekend.

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